Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Journey Towards Wholeness

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.
(Quote from Spiritual Networks)

There are times when we are greedy, there are times when we are selfish and there are times when we are horny. We are human, period. Sure, we can aspire to be divine, to be all-loving and as innocent as children. However, fact of the matter remains that we still will be "here", contemplating how it would be if we were "there". And that's typically where the problem starts. There is a voice inside of us that beats us up if yet again we failed to be "there".

Accept these feelings inside just as they they are. Naturally, that doesn't mean you should take advantage of someone in order to advance professionally. It also doesn't mean that you need to stuff your face when you are hungry, or cheat on your soul mate when you have the opportunity to do so. All your acts can remain as spiritual conscious as they have always been, but still acknowledge the fire that burns inside; otherwise you are overlooking something on your journey towards wholeness.

I remember an interesting "aha moment" when I was in graduate school. I was playing a card game with my room-mate who was quite competitive. I remember becoming quite intense myself and always asked myself, "Why exactly is that? This is only a stupid card game!" I always blamed my competitive room-mate for igniting this reaction in me, but truth of the matter is that my interaction with her should have told me already then what I know today: a lion hides in that sheep that I had perceived. Today I see my life's mission in finding that wholesome personality that represents all aspects of my being. Just as it is described in the Garden of Eden, the lion lies peacefully next to the lamb.

Life makes you whole. Spirituality provides you with the mission statement but it is life that gets you there. Acknowledge all your inner tensions and do something creative and beautiful with it. This is the promise of your a Creator: suffering is meaningless; no matter what your conflicts, drives and desires may be, a door will always opens up for you designed to fulfill all your authentic needs. Life is here to show you who you truly are, and make you whole.

Perhaps the problem statement can be summed up that way: you have been on a quest towards holiness and minded all those reminders that you are human. Yet, when you look back and reflect on your past, you probably find that you have been on a subconscious journey towards wholeness all this time. Make it a conscious one by going after your authentic needs and discover that holiness is always near-by.

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