Monday, September 29, 2014


Detachment is not that you should own nothing. 
But that nothing should own you.
(Ali ibn abi Talib)

You can manifest whatever it is you want: your body, your relationships, your possessions, your success. Yes, you are that powerful! Yet, you must have noticed hat there are areas in your life where you face resistance to get what "you want". The reason is that the "you" is way bigger than what the "I" experiences and the "you" has very different longings as well.

Conflicts of interests happen between the "I" and your True Self because you know deep inside that you are free and you mind the stuff that binds you. This fact explains the seemingly endless battles between what the "I" wants and what you feel is right deep down inside. These periods of struggle are just there to prepare you for the next psychological stage: spiritual freedom. When you are truly free, nothing owns you, though all of your needs are perfectly satisfied.

Honor your life, welcome the struggles and the resistance you are facing. Accept that some time is require to propel you from "here" to "there". Where you are going there is perfect freedom, true love and complete detachment.

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