Thursday, September 25, 2014

It is in Your Power

Has it ever happened to you that you really want something to happen but you have no idea how? You are so dispirited that you just want to give up. If that is how you feel right now, relax, life has a present for you!

 We all struggle with failures, illnesses and problems that come our way. But you are not as helpless as it appears.  Instead of focusing on the obstacles, the successful people focus on what they want to achieve and experience. When they encounter bumps in the road, they take these opportunities as chances to grow and not as punishments. After we learn our lessons they transform and open up to life with even more intensity. Everything becomes easy again. On the other hand, if we keep running away from our difficulties, they don’t really just disappear.  They show up again until we have mastered what we need to learn.

Take love as an example. We all are eager for love and want to experience love as best as we can. We are most happy when we are surrounded by love. However, everyone who has been in love before also knows that suffering is unfortunately nearby. Does love make us suffer? What if our loved one gets sick? What if she doesn't love us back?

We suffer only because we don’t really know what love is. Whenever we get a glimpse of true love we transform and open up to life no matter what. There is incredible creativity and love in opening up to everything that comes our way. We learn from our problems and learn to focus on what we want to experience. We are able to tell the story of our life and are able to look through the occasional distraction.

The same philosophy applies to all obstacles and difficulties in our life. If we resist, they will persist. If we open up to them, the overriding storyline will soon become clear to us and we will transform ourself and the environment we operate in. Take the courage, be persistent and find the creative solution that hides in every obstacle. Life is here for us to become the creator and healer we are born to be. It is in your power!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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