Saturday, September 27, 2014

The System Knows Best (Revised)

I posted this note below 3 years ago and only stumbled on it after someone had dug it out the archives. There certainly was wisdom in this note; all you are responsible for is to cut out interferences along the Way; the magic has to come from a Force well beyond you. But then, 3 years into the path, perhaps I am less critical of mistakes along the Way as well. Storm clouds are part of the Tao. The thunderstorm transforms you as much as the ensuing rainbow. Rain or shine one thing is clear, the system knows best :)

The System Knows Best (September 22, 2011)

Think of your conscious mind as the tip of the iceberg, but there is a much much larger mind attached to it below the surface that you can, in principle, tap into. The System is your intuition reservoir, the question only is how exactly can one establish an ongoing communication channel? You can't, at least in my experience, all you can do is to wait for these priceless messages that some call intuition and others revelations. There is one thing though that you can and have to do, and that is to cut out interferences. You can work on all your hang-ups, hesitations and fears. They cloud the communication channels and hold back the personality you truly have. The good news, all your daily tasks are all about conquering your fears and other interferences one by one. Once you have cleaned them up, if something like that is possible at all, you can experience your infinite energy reservoir in your daily life. Until you reach that point the rule of thumb should be: when in doubt, the System knows best.

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