Monday, September 8, 2014


In this earth, in this soil,
in this pure field,
let's not plant any seed other
than the seeds of
compassion and love.

Have you ever met someone who is illiterate?  Or someone who is absolute filthy and stinky?  Have you ever met someone who is struggling to have enough food to survive?  How about someone who is openly rude? Or maybe a mother who is physically unable to love her children? So how do you feel when you come across those people or situations?  Do you feel arrogant, disgusted, annoyed, loving or compassionate?

 Everything that we take for granted, living in a developed country gets flipped upside down when we move to a second world country. Some of these unfortunate events you can find everywhere, while others - like being dirt poor, being without education and struggling for physical survival - you find predominantly in second-world countries. Yet, no matter where you find them, these uncomfortable encounters give us the opportunity to realize how lucky, empowered, and blessed we have always been. But much more than that, we can realize that instead of complaining about some uncomfortable encounters, the Tao now gives a the priceless opportunity to give back to the less fortunate ones.

Every spiritual traveler knows that we are one. If you see a difference because of ethnicity, nationality, wealth, gender or social status, you are simply not looking closely enough. Your brother is your mirror, just as your sister is the Sherpa to bring you Home. The only difference is that we are born in different countries, have different looks, and talk and behave differently; but beneath the surface we are all the same.

We are all one. The Tao manifest Himself in everything we see and experience regardless of whether it is presented in a beautiful form or disguised in an ugly state. When our heart is open, when our ears are ready to listen, we recognize our brother just as our sister knows who we are. We are one with everything, everyone, and every experience.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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