Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hanging Out with the Unknown

We have the tendency to find a solution as fast as possible whenever we come across a difficult situation. It literally hurts us not to know what lies ahead so we press to find a solution as quickly as possible; yet, experience tells us that certain problems need stewing over, hard as it is. Same with taking medication when we fall sick. Being slow, aching and being vulnerable is unacceptable so we demand the magic pill that restores our health immediately.  Seldom are we are willing to face this pain, find the root cause, and take necessary action to fix the underlying issues.

We have the restlessness and impatience when we face some unfamiliar or challenging issues. Too often do we just want to grab the first solution at hand and try to put the issues to rest. Observe how you feel when you take this approach. Do you really feel peaceful or do you perhaps still struggle even after you have made your choice?
When we face an unfamiliar situation or confront a difficult issue, we have to allow ourselves to be there with the insecurity and the unknown. We have to give ourselves time to digest the issues and let the answer arise in us.  It takes courage to face the unknown and be friend with Her.  When we take a fast solution we certainly can be in conflict with the present moment.  

A spiritual path is an encounter with the unknown. We mostly feel at peace but we do not know which step will be next. We may feel panic in the beginning but can get used to the creative power of the unknown pretty soon and fall in love with Her. But not every phase is rosy; there are also stretches when lingering tensions and conflicts come to the surface. It would be tempting to do what we used to, go for a drink, go shopping, have steamy sex, watch a movie or drown in work. But no, for the first time ever, we just accept the darkness. We take it in and just be with the fear, with the greed, with the restlessness. We don't take drugs, we don't run, we just hang out with the scary unknown and then magic happens. The conflict dissolves.

The secret of spirituality is always the same. No matter whether you have to make important decisions, face conflicts of the past or face your daily life. Center yourself, stay in the unknown, and suddenly, a way is shown to you. You know exactly what to do.  The words and answers are given to you, all you have to do is to show up and face whatever it is that comes your way.  You know it is the Way. The Tao is walking with you wherever you turn. Hang out with what is and joy, love, creativity and peace will be with you. Holding Her hand you meditate every step of the Way. Enjoy!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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