Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pain and Life

Before we walked on the Tao, our life was full of pain and chaos. Like others before us - Buddha comes to mind - you could as well say that pain launched our path. We started our journey as we conjectured, "there must be another way!"

As we started walking the Way, we found the root cause of our pain and managed to unload psychological baggage and uninstalled harmful subconscious programs. As we progressed, our being was suddenly full of light, joy and love!  We enjoyed this state so much that we grew attached to it and minded whenever it was taken away. Secretly, our ego was flourishing in the background just as it had done before. We secretly thought we were "it" just because we experienced the bliss!  

As we continued our journey we discovered our natural wiring of going after pleasure, joy and happiness. Just as moths are attracted to the fire, the bees to honey and male dogs to the bitch in heat. The pull is there and perhaps always will be, but we suddenly realized how our attachment creates suffering and limits and how we end up using happiness as a trophy. After this insight we managed to step outside of this identification. 

We also realized that there is some pain which is out of our control even as we let go as best as we can. Just like we cannot control the changing season on this earth, pain will always be part of our life.  Misfortunes are nothing to be ashamed of.  We finally can hang out with all seasons; some we face with a coat and others in a swim suit. We face all seasons with ease and without judgment.

When our dear ones struggle, we can't help feeling the same pain; when some disaster happens, we cry with you. And when life brings us challenges, we experience the same restlessness and anxiety as you do. However, this time we take in this pain consciously. We just stand there, face what is and let it pass just as a thunder storm.
Open up to life together with us.  We are here to experience life with awareness just as is. May life - pleasure as well as pain - flow through us!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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