Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Live Your Life

Walking a spiritual path encourages us to lead an authentic life true to our heart.  We can force ourselves to lead a life like Buddha or Christ but then we may also discover that something is dying inside. Our soul will be crying out if we don't express our personal uniqueness. Spiritual traveler or not, we need to follow our heart’s lead without fear.

This permission to lead an authentic life true to our heart allows our soul to experience an earthly life and get some remaining homeworks done. This is how souls evolve and how we transcend to the next spiritual level. We are not here to experience only a happy and pleasing life; we are here to experience the ups and downs, the joys and frustrations, while our soul fulfills its mission.

When we allow ourselves to experience the life our heart desires without judgment and without fear, we can feel our soul is singing, satisfied and ready to move on when the cycle is finished. These are subconscious programs running in the background, just let them happen without standing in the way. See that when you truly open to everything that is, you will in fact live your dream life. This is the promise of the Tao.

Be open to follow your heart and dreams even if your mind needs a little convincing at times. Thus far you have followed the ideals of your parent, friends and society; it is time to step out of their expectations and develop your own. Our soul can only be content when we live an authentic life true to our Self. The path of the Tao always leads to holiness. It is just that to acquire wholeness you need to be bumping against a few boundaries. It is process to get there, but getting there you will.

Open up to life and you will live a saintly existence. Wholeness and holiness merge into one. You don't have to struggle, don't have to let go of what is truly meaningful to you. Create the life you desire, care for others and connect with people you love. Success and saintliness meet in the holy Now as well. You are ready to bear the fruits. Experience how the whole universe is supporting you when you support your Self.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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