Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Purpose of Life

What is your life's purpose? If you are a spiritual traveler like us, it might just be to unravel the secrets of your being. Try that perspective and see how relaxed you suddenly become. You will no longer dread certain situations but will be curious instead how you might be reacting to them. Suddenly you will pay as much attention to your own feelings as to those you interact with.

When you are really in tune with everything that bubbles below the surface it will be easy for you to spot pain-bodies; little pockets of painful memories that rise to the surface when someone pushes your button. Sometimes we throw a tantrum; sometimes we experience fear. It feels like a psychological band-aid that someone accidentally rips off. How easy it is to understand these links once you start digging. Unfortunately we rarely go back to understand what injury we may have experienced in the past, or what belief-set we still carry around. Instead, we blame others for our pain or fear. 

All it takes it is just to step outside of our pain, our panic, for but a moment. Instead of starting a new movie with new accumulated psychological baggage we just rewind our archives and mentally disconnect today's conversation from yesterday's pain. This self-inspection doesn't prevent us from experiencing pain, but it does prevent us from breaking even more China. 

Try to observe how you react to a situation and how your interpretation sets you on fire. When you blow up according to your past understanding of today's conversation, you really lose a chance to interact with what is. You do not interact with your conversation partner but with a ghost of the past.

Don’t worry if the theory is crystal-clear to you but you still often mess up in practice. It is hard to break with patterns of the past. We have a lifetime to figure this out, and opportunities are plenty. We are here to learn. If you are a spiritual traveler like us, let life constantly remind you about your mission. As a matter of fact, that's what the Tao does for us. She is a life-coach who can be accessed in every daily interaction. Make the Way your life's purpose and insight will follow you no matter what.

Let's be present at this precious moment and the past will slowly dissolve. We want to experience our life with intensity here and now. Let's be totally present at this holy moment whether it is full of darkness or light. Never mind a little pain if it propels us into Her arms. And who needs a thrilling pleasure if it keeps Her at a distance. Our life's purpose is to merge with this special, precious moment. That alone we want from life.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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