Monday, October 13, 2014

Mind the Dark Force (Revised)

The spiritual community has made a big step forward by putting the God versus devil struggle in the background. Instead, we internalize the divine as well as destructive force inside ourself with help of the ego versus True Self contrast. Yet, something is still missing. What about our soul? Isn't our soul somewhere in between ego and True Self? And isn't the ego versus True Self the battle between evil and good in new clothes? We Tao traveler have a different perspective. We tend to say, "nothing is either good or bad", quoting Shakespeare, "only  thinking makes it so. Our soul has longings that need to be satisfied. We argue there is a Way that gets you there.
No doubt that there is a force that wants to keep us away from the Way. I have often seen it in action. Yet, the same force wants to conquer, wants to possess and wants to advance. Does is really make sense to feel bad about these desires; the aspirations of what we want to have or what we want to be? Isn't there a "good" versus "bad" ego in us?  The soul combines our God connection as well as our earthly mission statement that still has to be completed. Why can't we celebrate the innovative ways we find to express our earthly desires while still operating in harmony with the cosmic design? The Way does this for us.
The Tao defines a divine Path for our earthly desires. We can have it all - all our authentic needs get satisfied while experiencing God every step of the Way. Yet, there is a dark force inside of us that starts running with these desire and literally takes us for a ride. The ride can feel thrilling at times but whenever we deviate from love and spiritual meaning it gets annoying pretty fast. So how about this distinction instead, there are the longings of our soul and there is the Way. Follow your dreams but be mindful of the voice in your head that wants you to wander off in a different direction. Mind that dark force, it is easy to do. All you have to do is to make sure that She is with you every step of the Way.

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