Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let's See

Reunited and it feels so good.
Reunited 'cause we understood.
All through the day and all through the night,
we both feel so excited and it feels so right.
(Reunited; Peaches and Herb; my edits)

Did you know that there is a simple mapping devise that can create plants, blood vessels and even star constellations? The mathematician Mandelbrot discovered it while he was a researcher at IBM; actually the idea has been around for a while but it was only with the help of supercomputers that we could finally map the "elegant universe" by running this simple mapping devise over countless of iterations:

z(n+1) = z(n)*z(n) + c

With it you can establish beautiful patterns, explaining life itself. Actually, I would claim that our spiritual role as God's co-creator can be described as a simple mapping devise as well. We suddenly wake up one beautiful day to the fact that we have a choice; beforehand we were run by subconscious processes and now we see something we never did before. Our response function changes and we slowly but surely create an entirely different environment we operate in.

A mathematics professor of mine always used to say "let's see" with a lot of passion before he tackled one of those hard equations scribbled on the black-board. There is so much spiritual wisdom in this expression "let's see"! We can see divinity in the current moment and we can overwrite tendencies that are subconscious in nature. Never mind the history we carry around; the past prepares us beautifully for making the right choice here and now. The holy Now is a perfect spring board that catapults us to a divine connection. All we have to do is to remember the simple mapping devise, "choose love!" in every situation we encounter.

"Harm" only comes our way when we take deliberate steps away from God. We can take accidental mis-steps, but we hardly can consistently oppose God; it simply hurts too much. Before we just didn't know what was wrong and what was right, so we did whatever we felt was the right thing to do, whereas today we do. Once you have seen the light, all choices become kind of obvious - choose love in all your interactions.

Most of the the evil stuff that we see and hear about is probably caused by subconscious processes. Stuff that just had to come to the surface; karma that somehow we subconsciously felt we had to live through. The universe will always be elegant even if we act like robots. Yet, once we have reached the maturity to choose with God, we are like artists standing in front of an empty canvass. Take a look around right now and have a "let's see" moment. "Right", "left", "forwards", "backwards", "yes", "no". No matter in which direction we are headed, no matter what we say or do, "choose love" is always part of our opportunity set. "Choose love" is a beautiful meme we can simply install in our system. 

See and choose love wherever you go and God will always be walking with you. Spirituality is a way of seeing divinity in what is. I would claim, if you have been reunited with Her once, no ten horses will keep you from making the next step towards love. The universe will always be elegant, yet you can create a divine outcome as God's co-creator with a formula every child can remember: go with love wherever you turn.

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