Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Way Towards Freedom

We have said often that we Tao travelers are just like everyone else; we go through the same ups and downs that life has to offer, just as the fellow next door; yet, something is quite different at the same time.

Slowly but surely, we become so much more patient with people. We start recognizing ourselves in them, so how can you really be mad at anyone? Would you throw stones at your own mirror image? You learn to look at people with different eyes. You learn to interact with them with compassion and understanding. At the same time, you also learn to look for a proactive and effective way of solving any outstanding interpersonal issue. As you understand yourself, you understand your soul siblings - and as you understand them, you gain insights about yourself.

You also learn to interact with life with a very different attitude. What a blessing when you stop wasting your energy complaining about what life has confronted you with; so instead, you can use your energy to find a creative solution to all your problems. The Way has taught us over and over that problems are always there to lift us to the next level. Always aim high when you set your expectations for what a situation or a problem is for. Gather the stones that people put in your way to build a nice home for yourself. Do this for a while and see how your confidence takes off. Where you saw problems before you now see opportunities. Suddenly you look forward to life and you can't wait to dance with Her every step of the Way!

As you learn the magic of transforming your energy dynamics and the environment you are operating in, you create the life you have always been dreaming off. A spiritual path is about cutting through what is truly meaningful to you and what is not. The meaningful connections you have always had; it is just that you didn't always recognize how blessed you were before. Now, as you emerge as God's co-creator you can see what is truly meaningful and what is not. A spiritual path is all about opening your eyes to what is rather than what appears to be.

Take action just as your inner Voice suggests - you are finally free to create as your heart desires. Enjoy!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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