Monday, November 24, 2014

Swaying With the Music

William James, the famous psychologist, was lying one day in his cold New England room under his cozy blanket and was agonizing about the question whether he should get up. Then one moment he just got up and asked, "So what about my will? Somehow the decision to get up just happened. Why exactly did I get up?"

Believe it or not, his insight - simple as it seemed at the time - was in fact revolutionary. Scientist have run neurological studies of people who had a decision to make. Somehow the "system" knew about the decision even before the person became consciously aware of it. A light bulb literally went off in their head before they knew about it. The "system" knows and the "system" initiates while we are consciously explaining afterwards why we did what we did.

Consider this experiment. Some people were hypnotized and told to get up in the next business meeting and water the plants in the room while the business session was progressing. That's exactly what they did. You can imagine the surprise of the meeting participants. When they were later asked why they did what they did, they gave explanations like, "I suddenly realized how thirsty the plant looked. I simply couldn't wait." Not a single participant said, "You know what, I don't have the faintest idea why I did what I did."

The system knows and you just follow what a higher authority does convincing yourself that you are in charge. But don't get me wrong. I am not saying that you should stop looking for answers with your rigorous thought process; neither am I saying that you should stop listening to the intuition of your heart. I am also not saying that you should stop looking for love and try living a spiritual life. All I am saying is that the wholeness in you knows when you know what you know. You do what you do because somehow it is useful for you, making mistakes as much as having insights. Life unfolds through you in all areas of your life; even the seemingly unimportant question when to get up.

You are part of a movie. Just let it flow it through you. Make your perceived choices, struggle with heart-wrenching decisions; you can make it a mission to become somehow "enlightened". Experience the joy of moving psychological issues and behaviors out of the subconscious into the conscious. But in all that, relax as well. She is in charge; you only think that you are in charge. Get lost in the movie you call life and find your Self in it. Break trough imaginary walls in this divine Matrix. When every choice you face has literally become a no-brainer you know that you are Home.  Thoughts just "know" and feelings "feel" what the system experiences. Just as William James suddenly just got up, when you are with Her all you ever do is to sway with the music.

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