Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Enjoy the Creative Age

Creativity and Imagination shall be the Stability of Thy Times.
(Quote at the Lego Store in New York)

Have you swung with Sia from the Chandelier? Have you shaken it with Taylor Swift or have you banged banged all over someone with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj? Something is changing these days. You can feel it in the air. It is more than just having good sex. It is a feeling of letting go, of uniting passions, Spirit and living.

The Creative Society is completely new and it is coming out of nowhere. Sure, the 70s were also about letting go after the repressed 50s and early 60s, just as the roaring 20s were a consequence of the stuffed up Victorian times. But these were just counter-reactions that fizzled over time; the Creative Age is wo(man)'s epoch of breaking free. It is crazy at times, often irrationally exuberant but it is a true process of spiritual awakening. Creativity, art and Spirit go hand in hand. You can't have the one without the other.

Sure, the ego will come and try to capture it. I have seen parents help their children found Indian dancing schools with the motive of getting them into MIT or Harvard. But they told everyone about it with so much glee and pride that soon all Ivy Schools will be showered with applicants who claim similar artistic initiatives. True art, genuine spirituality and a passion for creation cannot be faked. It can only be lived. 

Economies and societies are changing. The top programmers at Google, Apple and Facebook can no longer be lured with money alone. Creative, artistic and life expressions are as much part of it. And it is not only the smartest of us who get the prestigious job. I presume that we will reprogram our value systems in coming decades and will reevaluate the jobs of nurses, teachers, artisans, artists, stylists, entertainers, et cetera. In short, everyone who interacts with others will find that only spirituality gets you connectedness, economic security and happiness; everything else will be outsourced to robots and computers. 

Enjoy the Creative Age!

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