Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be Creative

Observe yourself in your interactions with others. See how your energy shifts as you talk with different people. You can literally experience how your mood changes when you talk. This is a great opportunity to understand the power of your thoughts and your reactions to others.

Observe how your mood fluctuates as you talk. This is the time when you can understand how you can create a special moment for yourself.  When you only focus on the negative aspects of the people you are with, observe how your belief system is going to create this reality.  As you engage with your conversation partner you create a story of yourself, of your partner and the situation you are in. As you tell this story you start believing in it. Just think about the creative powers that you hold at that moment.

Complaining is not good. It is a negative energy spiral that only strengthens as you both engage. We are not saying that you can't give negative feedback when the others ask for it; we are also not saying that there are not negative situations you can be in, but we would encourage you not to make the negative energy stronger by harboring on it. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Feel free to tell your conversation partner that you have to go when you find the conversation is going downhill. It is like being an artist who stops painting because his brushes need cleaning. A conversation is a holy encounter that should never be tarnished by negative energy spirals.

Instead of wasting our time complaining about the cards life has supposedly dealt us, we could be grateful for every day, every minute to live and to create. We make good use of whatever the Tao has brought into our life. We could see the upside in every person, every situation and every mood we are in. Again, it is not that Tao travelers wear rose-colored glasses, it is that we have the divine opportunity to create with what is; and what is, is often not what appears to be. It takes a Tao traveler to sculpt a divine creation out of the clay of life.

We appreciate the friends we are with; we are grateful for the situation we are in. Our focus is never on what we can get out of a situation; our focus is always to see Her standing next to us. Holy Mother we are grateful for inviting us to be your divine Co-Creator!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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