Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bring In the Light

Observing your own emotional fluctuation gives you a chance to understand yourself better and can liberate you from robotic patterns. The key is to bring in the light into the basement of your subconscious. How can a place stay dark if you light up the room?

You can be curious about your emotional changes whenever you are thrown into different situations. These emotions are an indicator how a specific situation touches you. It can be painful, exciting, or anxious.  Be very curious about your reaction and ask yourself this question, “Why exactly am I feeling this way? “  Is it necessary that you feel this way or is your emotions just your reaction to your thinking about a specific situation?

Whenever you unconsciously identify yourself with a certain situation, your reactions and your emotions turn on auto-pilot whenever it happens. Without awareness you are hopelessly exposed to these subconscious patterns. You are literally on auto-pilot. To get back your freedom, try to look deeply why you are acting this way; why are you having this feeling right now? Do you always feel anxious when you need to spend money?  Why are you behaving like that? The magic is, when you understand the reason behind your emotion, you know that you have a choice to let go of this habit and create a new experience.

I have observed in myself a pattern whenever I engage with some projects that needed completion. When I examined the situation, I found that I was always bothered and distracted by the necessary logistics and forgot all about the purpose of the project. And I also discovered this had been my patterns for my whole life. I always gave up easily because I got lost in the process while forgetting about the original purpose.

When I have this realization, suddenly I know I can develop different patterns and approach everything differently.  Instead of focusing on how annoying the project is, I can focus on my goals and the meaning of the project. I ask myself how important this project is for me at this time. When I develop the habit of looking at a big picture and remind myself of my mission, suddenly all these little obstacles fade in the background. I am no longer bothered by them anymore.  Instead, the energy and excitement of following my calling infuses me!

Yes we can rewrite subconscious program. We can bring in the light.

By Su Zhen

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