Friday, November 28, 2014

Discover Love in Everything


A few days a couple of writers distributed this chart in slightly different forms in the Spiritual Networks community. One claimed it was taken from the Judeo-Christian framework while the other claimed it was Taoism. Unfortunately we spiritual travelers often only see a hierarchy in this concept. We look down on the desires of the body; we at best tolerate the longings of the soul; and we run after that illusive Self that somehow has to be realized. We believe that we can will ourselves to God but mostly discover that life doesn't quite work that way.

The way of the Tao is to experience the yin and yang of life without getting lost in it. Every moment is an opportunity to see and experience what truly is and not what appears to be. Our body was given to us to experience the divine Matrix and to discover our Self. Life is tailored perfectly so that we can express the longings of our soul. Emotions come and go; some point the Way while others are distracting.Thoughts sometimes pollute us, and sometimes bring beautiful insights. The longings of the body are sometimes in the Way and sometimes are the Way.

Our will can be used to cut out interferences. Actually, when you experience the Way you don't have to will a thing, everything is magically connected and taken care of. Along the Way we have a natural interplay of body, soul and Self. There are times when we see the Christ in our interactions; there are times when we see the divine Mother and there are also times when we merge with our divine Lover. Body, soul and Self can be in holy communion every step of the Way and this communion can certainly include sex. Writes Osho, "Tantra loves, and loves unconditionally. It never says no to anything whatsoever, because everything is part of the whole. And everything has its own place in the whole and the whole cannot exist with anything missing from it." 

Discover love in everything - realize your Self with your body and soul!

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