Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Finding Peace and Balance along the Way

Good morning, this is God.
Today, listen within, and I will give you a solution for any problem you encounter. You need not figure anything out by yourself, so relax and have a good day!

Life often presents us with a busy schedule.  As we try our best to engage with life, things can get hectic at times. Even when you are a Tao traveler, keeping up with Her, can become disorienting at times. Most of the time we are doing just fine, but at times, we feel that we are going crazy.

We should definitely do our best to dance with life. But please make sure you recharge yourself sufficiently after every other Quickstep. Enough rest, healthy food, and some down time are all required to stay in the game. To be an effective spiritual traveler, make sure there is enough time to focus just on yourself. Engage with what is and don't get lost in your to-do-list. Just be totally be present here and now. You deserve some time with yourself, and you certainly deserve to stay connected with the Source and Her blessings.

It may be difficult in the beginning to spend some time totally just for yourself if you are used to lead a hectic life style. If you are a go-getter, you are probably used to put all activities first. And you are so used to think you only deserve your peace after you finish your to-do–list. This is when meditation can help us if we are leading a hectic life style. This regular practice encourages us to set up a time daily and we benefit from the pleasure to leave everything behind for a while. As eventually the nagging voice in our head settles down, as we finally are able to hear our breath, sense our body, smell the fragrance of our environment, and observe our thinking. Suddenly, we merge into the flow of universe. We are infused with energy and realize everything is just fine. There is no need to panic and no need to rush.  

When we synchronize our life with the speed of Tao, everything needed will be taken care of, in time and seemingly effortlessly. Suddenly, we experience peace and are at ease.  Our life is balanced and complete if we bravely open up to life and consciously set up times for ourselves.  The busyness of life meets the serenity and purpose of the Way. Meditation and life go hand in hand. Activity and inactivity are friends; off-times and a full schedule are compatible. Understanding this balance of life we suddenly become masters.

The Tao has so much to offer. Don't miss Her energy and purpose by rushing past the Way. A Tao master can harvest Her energy just by synchronizing with the Way. It is our responsibility to bring the refreshing silence and peace to our daily life.  Our life is balanced and complete now.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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