Monday, December 22, 2014

Knowing What to Do When

In hindsight, the Victorian Age was pretty dumb. The idea that "enlightened" man could will himself to culture and morality, yet, deviating further and further away from what is in the process. Children were raised with discipline and treated like adults who just had to shut up whenever the grown adults were around. Manners were good to look at over tea and coffee in the afternoon, but the demons came out at night. 

Spirituality is something every child knows something about. It is intuitive, it is straightforward, it is love and it is alive. There are times when effort is involved, and the trick is to know when it is time to push and when to just let go. All spiritual norms are yardsticks at best. Along the Way, mind merges with the heart while perception captures what the spiritual eye sees. We sometimes overcome resistance to embrace what is, and sometimes work hard hard to cut out interferences.

One lesson along the Way is that you don't have to try so hard. Do you ever see children exert a lot of effort? Be proud of all the strong effort of the past, but now it's a good time to let go. Put the sword down soldier and let the armor glide down. The Way stands ready to dance with you. Standing next to Her you will always know when to do what. Enjoy!

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