Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Way through the Darkness and Fog

Watch people rise in their careers and fall again. See lovers fall first heads over heels and then out of love a couple of months later. Experience all that frolic, forced happiness and consequent sadness. That's what we do, or rather, that is what the ego does. The ego falls in love with something that is not real. If you follow that fellow, every up has to be followed by a down, just as every stumble will force you to get up again. None of that stuff is real and and sooner or later everyone will discover that for themselves.

At the Spiritual Networks community I am a member of, a woman once remarked that she has successfully cut all negative people out of her life; all but one, her son, who continues to annoy her. I advised her that she should look for the negativity inside, and told her that this is the only way to find harmony with the outside. Unfortunately this message wasn't quite as popular as the insight of someone else who argued that he had cut the ties with his annoying sister and that they both now live a much happier life. No, you can't cut out the "jerks". The world is a mirror; make peace with yourself and negativity will naturally leave. Some people will move on, while others will be literally reborn in front of your astonished eyes.

A spiritual path consists of cutting out all interferences along the Way. Most of these you will find inside of you. Along that journey you will meet that negativity, that restlessness, that desire to escape and you will be one with it. The monster in your head, as Eminem and Rhianna call it so accurately, is not real. It is a phantom that disappears like fog as you approach it, but you have to be willing to make your way through darkness and fog. Just follow the light, however dim it appears to you right now and the fog will dissolve naturally.

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