Friday, December 12, 2014

Miracle Workers

You have unlimited potential to create miracles in your life.
 (Louise Hay).

Our biggest opportunities arise from the realization that we are responsible for whatever we are experiencing right now and from the decision to take the appropriate actions. Our biggest mistakes happen when we keep looking for the answers in the external world and forget all the wisdom, power, knowledge, love, and strength we already have. We keep looking for our answers outside of us and somehow always feel unfulfilled, until at some point, we finally see the truth and know we are unlimited in our own ability to create good in our life.

We are deluded to look for love, happiness, joy, abundance, healing, wisdom, power, and strength in the external world.  Again and again we experience disappointment until we realize we have it all. The answers are already inside of us, and have been always there. No wonder that we failed before; we had been looking for them in the wrong place.

The miracle is subtle. Somehow it is an insight that the power is part of us, yet we also understand that it is truly beyond us and comes in the holy interactions with others. The miracle follows us around so to speak. The moment we understand that we are miracle workers, all the necessary strength and energy will be with us, just as we attract the people and situation to make it work. Like Moses, we take the hand of our sister and jump right into the sea. Behold, the waters part yet again.

Be ready to experience how powerful, joyful, peaceful, loving, wise, and abundant your life can be. Heaven and all the solutions to your problem are not somewhere else; they are at your disposal here and now! Stand ready to receive all the wonderful things that life has to offer. You are blessed and always have been.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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