Saturday, December 13, 2014

What is Kosher?

Live a little!
(Christian M. Wiese)

There is a story about the enlightened mystic living in 19th Century India, Sri Ramakrishna, who told one of his disciple to kill a cockroach, just because he made such a big deal about the sanctity of life. Life simply is and we can discover holiness only in the limit. We were born somewhere between urine and the feces as Freud once remarked. Half animal, half God, we all have to find our way to express the divine in our human skin.

The problem of our spiritual community is that we want something. If you aspire to be "there", you never will, for the simple reason that you are always "here". Don't want anything, just be. If you are horny find a way to express that drive as a physical expression of love. If you are greedy find a way to express that professionally. If you feel scared, try to insure you as best as you can. For every human desire and emotion there always is a physical and symbolic expression to get it out of the system.

Divinity is a way of seeing. You will never experience perfection for but a moment but you can always recognize it in every situation. The easy spiritual way is to discover love in awkwardness,  occasional mistakes and some faux pas. It is not hard to forgive mistakes when you feel that your brother means well. The harder part is the other part, when you seem to think that you are going against your spiritual norms. When you have to fire someone to help him discover what is truly meaningful to him; or when you love a woman ravishingly even though a guru tells you that you will never get enlightened if you have sex.

Everyone has a path. Life is and uses us just as a pawn to create what always is. It can be confusing to figure out what is kosher and what not. This is the trick I am using. We can always remind ourself of the love behind every action, holy or human. When the disciple killed the cockroach he did it because of his love for Sri Ramakrishna. When a CEO lays off workers it could be because he wants to protect his other staff from an upcoming economic crisis. Find the love in what you do and you already are "there". Let life unfold through you, do your best and never mind a little broken China on the floor. Live a little!

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