Saturday, December 6, 2014

Solving it Backwards

Assume for a moment "enlightenment", the personal conversation with God that in the end every spiritual traveler longs for, happens one blessed day for you personally. Since it likely requires a special star constellation to accomplish such a "once in a 1000 lifetimes" feat, wouldn't you start from this blessed day first and solve everything else that happens in your life backwards? All the little crises that you had to experience, all the nuggets of wisdom that you needed to know; wouldn't you have already lined them up so that one that blessed days you are perfectly ready to experience your blissful moment? 

Have some faith that everything that happens to you right now prepares you perfectly for the moment when times stands still. In the best of all world the "system" starts from your destination and solves backwards. Relax, you can't really make a mistake. The "system" knew about your holy mission long before you were born.

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