Friday, January 2, 2015

Beyond Good and Evil

Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, 
we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. 
And we find that we cannot. 
For all the darkness in the world 
stems from darkness in the heart.
(Marianne Williamson)

What exactly are you signing up for when one day you decide to become a light worker? A light worker is a spiritual traveler whose mission it is to bring light to humanity. This is a worthy mission, yet, embedded in it lies conflict. If it is your mission to bring light to the work there must be someone else who somehow blocks it. So when you sign up for the job as a light worker, know that you will likely bump into someone who will give you a headache. The battle of good and evil is probably something you can't escape.

I remember a few days I spent at a seminar when I felt attacked by a dark force. It seemed to be coming from a woman, completely dressed in dark, who seemed to be sucking the energy out of me. I literally experienced a psychic attack. When I mentioned this occurrence to my co-author Su Zhen, she only responded, "sounds a little like Star Wars to me." She was absolutely right. To the day I don't know whether this attack was real or whether I imagined it, but the moment I had decided to step out of it, the conflict was simply gone.

Around that time I observed something else; opposite to my office there was a crow, literally staring at me. I took it as a symbol of my shadow that I hadn't yet incorporated and true enough, a long journey of deep and often painful soul searching followed. I had a hunch that all this shadow work came to fruition when the painting left my floor one day and when I - while being on a family vacation - saw hundreds of crows nesting right outside of my window.

Every spiritual traveler has a choice. The job of a light worker sounds prestigious but you don't have to sign up for it. You can be whole instead; a friend of darkness and light, sun and thunderstorms, pleasure and pain. Everything and everyone is God speaking; goodness as well as evil can propel you to the next level; you can literally float on the surface of duality every step of the Way. A spiritual traveler can be above good and evil.

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