Saturday, January 3, 2015

Connect with Gaia

Do you feel that you are alive right now? Do you feel the joy of being? Have you ever felt the pulse of living things and situations flow through you?

It is said the Marie-Antoinette once requested to milk cows because she was just tired of always being trapped into her pristine Versailles walls. At first the ministers were shocked by that blaspheme, but then they got their arms around the project and built a fancy barn for her, and put some real cows in there, ready to be milked. She got cold feet in the last minute and never followed through. How unfortunate! Had she gotten in touch with her earthy side, just maybe, the French Revolution, and all the countless lost lives, might have been prevented.

The secret of experiencing the joy of life is to connect with it; to be in the energy flow with other living beings. Can you hear the birds singing in your back yard and sense their joy or fear? Can you see the plants, grass, flowers, or vegetables growing in your garden and sense the overwhelming energy of life? Can you sense the excitement of your dog when you give him food? Can you smell the grass, the leaves, and the flowers and melt into them?  Do you ever stop and watch the movement of bugs, crabs, fish or any living creature and feel the fun of living?  Can you feel the joy and lively energy when you are watching your kids’ play? Do you feel peaceful and serene when you see the sunset, the tide, and the mountains? Can you feel the warmth when you talk to someone from your heart?

All these activities recharge you with energy of life.  When we connect with them, watch them, experience them, and be one with them, we resonate with this energy and experience the energy of life. Suddenly, we discover the joy of living and tap into this abundant energy source. 

When was the last time you stopped your work at hand and simply recharged yourself with the energy of living? Do you get lost in piles of work? Are you occupied by your smartphone? Get up from your work space. Have a look out of the nearest window at the nearby scenery or the movement of people. Connect with your colleagues nearby and feel their energy. No matter where you are, no matter what your circumstances, Mother Earth will give you an opportunity to connect with Her. This world and this universe is vibrating with energy. Abundance will be yours if only you can put down your work for a little while and join the rhythm of universe!  Are you ready to be one with Gaia? We are!  

By Christian and Su Zhen

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