Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'd Lie for You

Look into my eyes - you will see, what you mean to me. 
Search your heart, search your soul, 
and when you find me there, you'll search no more. 
Don't tell me, it's not worth trying for. You can't tell me it's not worth dying for. 
Yeah, I would fight for you, I'd lie for you, I'd walk a wire for you; I'd die for you!
You know its's true: Everything I do, I do it for you. 
(Bryan Adams, Do It For You)

I have always loved the song. Maybe it is Bryan Adam's amazing voice, maybe it is the love expressed in this song, or just maybe it is the martyr sentiment that could be appealing to my spiritual ideals. I remember though that the "I'd lie for you" part of the song made me wonder, shouldn't truth be always part of the Way? Today I feel differently about it. There is a Way; the Way is clearly defined and can be recognized by everyone. The Way always heals and always has the "best" for everyone in Mind, though individual egos - ours included - may suffer a bit for a step or two. The Tao will tell what to do every step of the Way; you probably will never have to lie, but going into each moment you have to be absolutely open to anything.
I remember Jed McKenna's, "Enlightenment the Damnedest Thing" in which he describes his personal enlightenment process and how, almost magically, a little ashram formed in rural Iowa. One day an Indian woman appeared seemingly out of nowhere and said that she would be the new housekeeper. McKenna claims that Lord Krishna told her so, and that she does her job with a professionalism and determination that now the entire household evolves around her. But he also added, perhaps only half-jokingly, that if Lord Krishna told her so, she would also slice him like sushi. I had to laugh when I read this, but understood  what he alluded to. The Way just is. I know that I have the highest moral standards, but if I had to lie for you, I would.

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