Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I remember my mother saying that she didn't want to quit smoking because she would gain too much weight otherwise. Interesting, isn't it? It almost seems as if it is not really about the compulsive activity - smoking in this case - it is about the nervous energy, the restlessness that you want to go away. The moment you stand up to whatever it is that bothers you, the nervous energy stands ready to find a new escape; on to the fridge we go in this case.

Just accept the restlessness when it hits you, just as you will be happy to embrace the peace, joy and love when you experience it. That's when your spiritual path starts in earnest. Just sit there and be one with it. Without fighting it, without judging it and without praying for help.

Ram Dass once said, if you think you are so enlightened, why don't you spend a weekend with your in-laws and see whether you are. There are always situations, certain people or particular astrological constellations when the negative feelings just come bubbling to the surface. Sure, it is nice if you have your trusted methods to calm yourself or to divert this energy, but you can only cleanse your environment so much. Who knows why stuff happens the way it does. Perhaps you can appreciate the rainbow better after seven days of rain. Perhaps your next creative experience is a direct outgrowth of the tension building inside.

Restlessness, you are part of the Way too, so we welcome you into our life as well!

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