Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sex and Spirituality: A Survey

Every mind blowing orgasm is spiritual: 3 responses

Sex is spiritual if you express love: 9 responses

Only have sex with your spouse/life partner: 3 responses

Sex distracts from finding God: 0 responses

I started this poll in the Spiritual Networks community as a follow up to an earlier poll that I had seen and that, quite frankly, put me off a little. The question was whether bisexuality is a sin and while most respondents concluded that it wasn't, the survey nevertheless left the impression that sex wasn't supposed to be just for fun. So when I posted these four questions, most agreed that sex is spiritual as long as it is an expression of love. Three out of 15 respondents had the more conservative attitude, arguing that you should only have sex with your life partner (all three were women). Three other respondents were on the other side of the spectrum, arguing that every good orgasm is spiritual, independent of who you have it with.

In the sex is fun category, I especially liked a comment of one participant, defining s-e-x as a "synergetic energy exchange", to which someone else added s-e-x-i-e-r, "synergetic energy exchange in ecstatic release". In fact, she added that she is always happy to share this feeling with "All There Is" :)

Some added that sex can certainly be an expression of lack of love, but it doesn't have to come to that. One woman added the deep insight that men are likely afraid deep down that they cannot have multiple orgasms like the women which explains the subconscious drive for debasement, aggression and lack of love that is often expressed in pornography.

I was actually little surprised that no one went with the fourth option, that sex is a hindrance for finding God. I have met celibates in the Spiritual Network before, but not of these views were expressed when I asked this time around. Overall this survey was perhaps yet another reminder that for 10 spiritual travelers that could well be twelve spiritual paths. In fact, one women said that she would have voted for all four options if multiple answers were a possibility. 

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