Monday, January 5, 2015

Spiritual Lessons my Father Passed On

Recently, my father passed away. Although I knew that he was going to die soon given that he had been bedridden for two years, I still felt incredibly sad. I was so sad and so focused on his death that I totally forgot the needs of my friends and family. But after being soaked in sadness and depression I realized that is not what my father would wish for me. I know he wishes me a good life, to be healthy, happy, wealthy and successful; nothing else would make him happier and proud.

However, realizing this is all good but how exactly do you snap out of it when your focus is on death? As I sensed 
how my sadness dragged all everyone else around me, I decided to shift my focus from the death of my father to the needs of the people near to me instead. I immediately felt the joy of living! Out of the sudden, joy showed up in everyone’s face again! That's the secret of living, tap into the energy of life. I also realized my spiritual mission at that point. I want to celebrate his legacy in every interaction I have with life. I want to remember him in every greeting I share with people, all the care I give to people around me, and in all the creations I give life to. He lives forever in my heart through the connections I make with this world! The death of my father taught me how to live!

By Su Zhen 

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