Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coping with Intensive Emotions

Our intensive emotions drive us, the anger, sadness, anxiety, lust and fear. What can we do when these intense feelings surface? We know what tends to happen when we follow them blindly.  We often will hurt ourselves and others as we engage with them and act them out.

What can we do then?  We don’t want to repress them either. Apparently it is a good opportunity for us to understand where these emotions come from and release them in a safe way. We have these intensive emotions because we accumulated tensions and frictions in the past when we had no idea how to handle them. Now they have gained such a momentum that we are ready to explode.

Instead of being driven by the raging storm and regretting it latter on, or perhaps worse, repressing them altogether, it is better if we are just with them. We experience them and allow them to flow through us, as we patiently wait for the storm to pass our little village.  We are fully aware of this urge and experience the tension that has built up in our body and witness it leave as well.

Try it!  Let your intensive emotions pass through you without reacting to it. Dance, cry, hit the gym if you must, but mostly, just sit there and let it pass. You are just the medium to let the energy flow through you without causing any damage to anyone. Get the stuff out of your system and wake up to a world the next day just like the sunshine emerges after the thunderstorm.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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