Sunday, February 15, 2015

Finding Healing along the Way

Greed is the natural outcome of the having orientation. It can be the greed of a miser or the greed of the profit hunter or the greed of the womanizer or the man chaser. Whatever constitutes their greed, the greedy can never have enough, can never be "satisfied".
(Erich Fromm, To Have or to Be)

You may be a womanizer but there will be a special someone crossing your path where you know, she is the one and no-one else. You may be a profit or a status hunter, but there will be one day a colleague, a mentee, a project or a worthy cause where you just know that your love for this person or cause dwarfs the greed for money or fame. We all long for something; we run after it, but somehow, some day, discover a world that stands ready to fall in love with and heal us in the process. We may miss the boat once or twice even then but eventually it dawns on us that it is only fun to run after spiritually rewarding things, until one day we stop in our tracks altogether and are finally Home.

Running after money, status and fame is not that different from addiction. Yet, somehow addiction is always the others so I deliberately left this word out in the beginning. Yet, greed is not only just a step away from addiction, addiction is in fact a natural consequence unless someone or something steps in to redirect our destructive energy. We all are in need of healing because we all run after something. In fact, we can even run after spirituality or morality as we have a hard time admitting that we are depressed or have a dark spot in our soul. Admit to what is, open up to life and be healed. That's the Way! Run after whatever it is that excites you but don't miss Her invite to dance with you. May we all find peace, love and healing along the Way

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