Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Having Trust in What Is

Have you noticed how we react when we are upset, bothered, or depressed? Observe why and how we lose our cool.  Most often we find that we are not happy because things don’t happen as we expect them to. So if our ego doesn't get what he wants, we are devastated! 

We want the weather to be exactly as we wish; we want to be healthy;  we want our kids to develop according to our plans; in our dreams they go to Harvard on a scholarship. We want look young and hot forever; in sum, we always wish our plans to unfold just according to our expectations. Observe how rigid we are; notice how unhappy we still are even if we get what we want. We cannot accept change; we cannot tolerate the unexpected; we cannot face chaos; we hate insecurity and being in a state of unknown. We don't even know what is good for us in the end.

We cannot see it is in fact our rejection of what is that puts us in all these agitated states. Can we detach ourselves from all these expectations and disappointments? Can we observe what is and how we react to it like an outsider? Can you feel how easy, relaxed, and flexible we suddenly get when we take such an approach? Can we allow things to evolve without interfering with them and without superimposing our expectations? Can we allow things to evolve without fear and with curiosity?

Can we trust that there must be good reasons if things are happening this way?  Can we calm ourselves down, experience it and grasp the bigger meaning. Observe for yourself, the more we try to escape from our pain, the more pain we experience; the more we run away from experiencing what it is, the more stuck we are!

May we all have the courage to experience life as it is, and have the patience to let things evolve as they should. We trust love and kindness is at work even it doesn’t look this way at this moment.  We are in tune with Tao and have faith!  We experience our life with curiosity!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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