Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bearer of the Light

Have you ever had this experience that you feel incredible pain inside but as soon as you try to look into it, the pain somehow dissolves. What exactly goes on here?

It is this curiosity, this intension to understand and observe, that separates the ego from the pain. When you feel pain, you believe that you are this pain; however, as soon as your attention switches to observe what is going on inside yourself, you become the observer and you connect with consciousness. You realize who you really are instead and that is the point when the pain starts dissolving.

What do you want to be?  Whatever you want to manifest is fine. Just be aware you actually have the power to choose and to awake from this dream that can be perceived as painful at times. You are the eternal awareness behind all these ups and down! As soon as you realize this, your light shines through the darkness. Be brave to face this human experience but please never forget your true identity; this fountain of joy, love and light is always at your disposal. Pain can in fact be quite useful this way. When the going is good, it can be hard at times to step out of this movie than if you struggle a bit. 

Whenever you are able to drink from this fountain of joy, love, and light, you are a torch bearer and bring the light to the people around you. You probably asks us how exactly does one drink from this spring? Life will get you there! Face honestly and openly everything that comes your way. Be aware of what is going on inside of you when the going is good just as much as when you get hurt by life's events. As soon as you observe, you connect with our Source. Your self starts separating from your Self and that is the point when you see the light shining through. You remember who you are. Joy, love, and light shower on you and everyone you are with.

Share this beautiful secret of humanity. Help the people around you to see through this veil, break out of their pain, and share the love, light and joy with others. Bearer of the light, what should you be afraid of? 

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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