Sunday, February 22, 2015

How it all Started

Whenever two or more gather in My Name, there I Am among them.
(Matthew 18:20; my edits)

I met Su Zhen in a spiritual discussion forum, the Personal Development for Smart People, which soon afterwards shut down because of some internal quarrels of the group owners. That was a bummer - it was a thriving community which had been in operation for five years, and  some of these participants were spiritually quite advanced. To see this all fall apart seemed like a waste. And even though I knew very little of Su Zhen who literally lived on the other side of the planet, I -  very much to my own surprise - said, "Well, that must mean that you and I now need to build a community of our own", as if that was the most natural thing in the world. "Sure", she replied, and at this moment our book was born (The Dance of the Tao, forthcoming).

In some way we couldn't have been any different. Su Zhen grew up in Taiwan but lived in Hong Kong at the time when we met. She represents Asia while I represent the West; born in Germany, but having lived half of my life in the US. I still pride myself that I introduced Su Zhen to Taoism, the ancient spiritual wisdom of China. This was around the time when I had just finished my first book, "The Magnificent Experiment - The Magic of Connecting with Your Tao". Su Zhen immediately opened up to this Force and soon connected with many mystic events herself. In fact, we discovered that we were connected by an invisible threat even though we were in a time zone 12 hours apart.

This Force - call it Tao, the Self or the Holy Spirit - is wherever likeminded people are.  Matthew (18:20) is coming to mind, "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." Spirituality is not something you need to read in books. You don't need to search for enlightened Masters. You can discover the Tao just as we have along the way and hopefully our book can give you some inspiration to connect with this Force.

The Tao works in mysterious ways and once you are connected you will see for yourself that the Way is always just around the corner, ready to rush to your side. When we  started out writing this book I was living in Boston, Massachusetts, 7966 miles away from Su Zhen's Hong Kong. Soon afterwards Su Zhen's husband got transferred to Boston, MA and we had the pleasure living next to each other for a year which enabled us to write this book .That is how the Tao works, once you are a spiritual traveler, life really does become a fairy tale. We hope that our journey gives you some inspiration to live your own.

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