Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Power of Love

When I was six, one day I decided to cook for my families. My mom worked all day outside.  I couldn’t stand to see that she needed to work so hard for us, so I wanted to help. Since I had been watching her cooked all the time, I knew very well how to cook.

One day, as it often was the case, she was not home when it was already dark. So I decided to cook for her. I was still very little that time.  I needed to stand on a stool to see what was going on in the pot. I washed the rice, made the fire, and cooked it. I still remember how surprised and proud she was when she came home and found out her little girl had cooked for her. 

Two years later, I took the responsibility to cook for the whole family. I still remember how I loved to help my mom by taking on this responsibility  my mom to do all these things for her to share her responsibility. However, as days went by, the every day chore of cooking wore me down.  I forgot why I was cooking and I started resenting it. 

Since then, this back and forth has become my pattern.  Out of love, I do something for someone; however, as things get tough, I become bitter and forget totally why I am doing these things.  I then refuse to do it and forget all about my loving intention in the first place. Apparently, love isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it is easy to love, sometimes it is hard.  We will come across difficulties when we love; we will reach our limitations on occasions. When we just give up, we somehow get stuck. However, as we remember again the reasons why we are doing these things, we get strength again. Our love keeps flowing again. Our love dissolves all these obstacles and limits. When we finally break through, joy and strength returns and keeps us going. 

We love so we are willing to take on all these challenges and are in a position to experience this chaos!  We are willing to stay on this difficulty road for a while longer until we find a solution. In doing so, we also learn to live our life. Our loved ones are not here to bring us difficult times.  They are here to give us the chance to learn what love is and break through our limits. Please don’t stop loving when things get difficult. Let others help you to find love.

By Su Zhen

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