Sunday, March 29, 2015

Connect the Real and the Spiritual World

There are things our spiritual community is absolutely right about, such as emphasizing that true happiness can only come from love, from being authentic and from having a mission worth striving forth. But unfortunately there are also things that we don't do so well. We tend to avoid conflicts; we often put on rose-colored glasses when we approach the real world and sometimes suppress what is truly meaningful to us in the name of spirituality.

Is is not so hard to see the passive-aggressiveness in our community, the repressed desires, and the lecturing of others. It doesn't have to be that way; let's aim for the best of both worlds. We can be authentic, loving and spiritually relevant in the real world, and yet aim to get all our repressed drives up to the surface. Life does that in fact for us, if we are willing to keep our eyes and ears open. A spiritual path has wholeness in mind. Wholeness comes before holiness, but once we are whole, holiness resides nearby. There is no need for suffering, repressed desires or sacrifices. Life lets you have it all if you open to it.

The Law of Attraction always dictates everything that happens to us. Everything that comes our way is our conscious and subconscious belief set in action. When we change these beliefs and our life will change with it. You just decide in what direction you want to go, and life will show you how you can get it.

This is what I suggest you to do. Get a binder and put all your wishes and desires in it. The profession of your dreams; the twin flame you want to spend your life with, the body you always wanted to have; material possessions you want to have; be creative, be bold and think out years, decades even. See for yourself, life will open doors for you to get it done. But it will also show you stuff you didn't know about yourself. Conflicts will likely pop up; choices have to be made. See for yourself that it is messy under the hood; try to work out what homework you still may have to do. It takes a little effort, but you can be the one who can connect the "real" with the spiritual world.

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