Thursday, March 26, 2015

When does a Faux-Pas become a Bad Omen?

We have all experienced these Freudian Slips; the misspelling of names, the mixing up of words; or the so-called "accidents" that clearly show the opposite of what we intend to accomplish. If you are a spiritual traveler like me, you most certainly have received nudges from the universe to lean in a certain direction. Only these tend to unfold more in form of blessings that we receive at special moments; a sign from the universe when the clock strikes 11:11 just at the time as we hit the send button of an important email would be one such example that many spiritual travelers have observed for themselves. 

So if a moment is not so blessed, how do we know whether it was nothing but a faux-pas, an internal resistance that has to be overcome, or a "bad omen", a divine message that encourages us to change direction? My personal observation, you just never know when it comes to these negative nudges. When your intention and reality clash, you simply have to keep monitoring how life's feed-back mechanism evolves as you embark on what you set out to do. If the resistance only gets stronger as you progress, chances are you have to reposition your goals a little; if the resistance fades on the other hand, chances are that the observed "bad omen" was nothing but your nerves temporarily gaining the upper hand. So never mind a faux-pas here or there, just keep on moving; chances are you are on the right track.

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