Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ego Versus Spirit: Who Exactly is Speaking?

Why do many of us experience a so-called mid-life crisis? Is there a divine spark that finally pops up saying, 'Hey, I have always been here waiting for you and finally you are ready to listen!" Or is it perhaps the subconscious realization in us that one day death awaits us and we want to do something meaningful before we die? Does it really matter which voice is speaking up, Spirit or ego? Of course, you will say; after all, you want to know whether God, or the divine Voice inside you is for real, or if you just fooling yourself. Yet, from the perspective of your action to be pursued, it doesn't matter at all. Do something meaningful, feel the love and passion as you do what you do, and rest assure afterwards that it was good!

Personally I think there is way too much ego bashing going on in our spiritual community. It is counter-productive because the institution doing the bashing is the ego itself, wrapped up in holy clothes. No, a spiritual path is all about adjusting the ego's tunnel vision which is present as long as you are around. But you can define the direction, so move the tunnel vision into a direction where the Angel and the demon on your shoulders are both cheering you on. The ego and Spirit don't have to be in conflict at all; they can be rooting for the same thing. Just make love your guiding principle and you will always know that you are headed in the right direction.

EGO Versus GOD: (E)nlightened to sees the (D)ao where you GO

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