Friday, March 6, 2015

We are Perfect

Pretty, pretty, please,
don't you ever, ever feel
like you are less than perfect;
you are perfect to Me.

(Pink, Perfect)

Have you ever attacked yourself over something and asked why you couldn’t be different in some ways? Well, we have an answer for you now: you are the way you are because God wants to experience Himself this way! Yes, you are perfect just as you are! 

Imagine everyone could do the same thing, or look the same way; how boring this world would be! Like a puzzle, every little part is designed to express itself in order to find the missing connection and unify to a wholesome 'All-That-There-Is". God creates us this way because He wants to experience this Universe this way and see how He can observe and experience Himself via us. Imagine how much fun this is when you are finally completely at ease with yourself and interact in harmony with your environment!

So why should we have opinions about others and ourselves. Why don’t we accept who we are, embrace life and do our part to share this vastness of this experience with God. We are perfect!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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