Saturday, March 7, 2015

You Have Got the Power

Have you ever wondered why we can be controlled by religion, people, or rituals? Is it  because these religions, people, or rituals have power, or could it be because we have fear? 

Sure, these institutions have power over us but only because of our fear. We are afraid to "sin", that is, to deviate from the established norms of the religious institution because we are told we would end up in hell instead of heaven. People have power over us because we want their approval and we fear what they could do to us when we don't conform. We also follow all established norms of the society because we are afraid to deviate from what generations before us have mutually decided on.

The more we are scared of life and are scared of experiencing it, the more power we give to people and institutions outside of us. A spiritual path gives us our power back. Where countless people walk down a trodden path, we see a little sign pointing into the wilderness saying "follow me". Once you have seen this sign and experienced the magnificence of following the road less traveled you will always keep an eye out for the next experience. Slowly, the power of religions, people and norms will wane because you have the curiosity to explore what lies beyond. 

If we are ready to be responsible for ourselves, when we are ready to experience life as it is, we will be induced to take the necessary action. Sure, mistakes happen along a spiritual path too, but they are necessary to help us understand who we are, how we fit into society, the work place and religious norms. We perceive we have power in ourselves and we perceive the only true authority that has meaning, the presence of the Way. 

Walk the Way and discover that you are on your own, yet integrated in a wholesome "All-That-There-Is". Hold Her hand and realize that you have got the power, yet it is entirely Hers. Discover the road less traveled and see that the others and all the institutions also only try their best. You are here to make wholesome and to heal. The Way encourages you to trust that whatever is best for you, works best for everyone else. Along the Way we live in a friendly and loving world. What fear can we have?

By Christian and Su Zhen

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