Monday, March 9, 2015

I Am Love

Please observe how you react to events in your life. You may find out that what really hurts you the most is not really happening in your life. Often, what really hurts us is our robotic reaction to particular situations based on triggered memories; our anger, our rejection, our anxiety, our fears. Is it any wonder that people get sick after a dramatic event? It is this particular event that  makes us sick? It is often how we react to it instead. It is that anxiety and fear that puts our immune system into a tailspin. 

To stop hurting ourselves, we need to be very aware of how we are responding to situations and learn to counterbalance whenever certain emotional triggers are pulled. If every time someone says something that gets you angry, you could counter-balance by reminding yourself of your prior reaction to it and you simply step away from the confrontation. So this time around you use the conditional response in a positive way. 

So first we have to recognize that what we are doing is actually hurting ourselves. This realization liberates us from our hurtful reaction, robotic patterns, and eventually sets us free from all the accumulated negative energy. Focus on your love for yourself and let this positive energy overwrite all the negative energy patterns. 

Please make a commitment to yourself: from this moment, I stop hurting myself and others.  I know exactly what I am talking about and doing and I simply let old stored energy patterns pass without getting entangled with it.  Whatever I do, I do it out of the love for myself and others - I am love.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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