Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Be Your Authentic Self

Have you ever observed how your fear of loneliness drives you?  Have you ever observed how your fear to be accepted, to be recognized, makes you do something which you would never do otherwise?  Have you ever observed how this fear to be alone drives us away from who we truly are and how we suffer afterward?

We have that deep fear that if we don’t act accordingly to the people we are with, the group we care about, we will lose their love and support. We have deep fear that when we will lead a lonely life, we will die alone.  When we respond to this fear, we deviate from our true Self and always suffer from it. How can one feel happy and joyful when we respond to our fears and aren't true to ourselves.

How could we call it love anyway if we lose the support and care of people just because we want to be authentic to ourselves?  True love never dies and it survives separation. True love we will find inside and with the people who truly matter in our life. When we are true to ourselves and life a meaningful life our soul rejoices. When we have this strong support from meaningful connections and from our authentic Self, we feel grounded, joyful and secure. 

Find your Self and be on the lookout for the meaningful connections that always surround you. Wherever your authentic Self is, love is near-by.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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