Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just Say Om

Feelings are much like waves; you can't stop them, but you can decide which one to ride. (Unknown)

The so-called ego is really an energy field; it wraps itself around our unique personality structure and helps us to express the longings of our soul. The opportunity though, there comes a time when you wake up to the fact that a feeling and a thought is just an energy wave; it doesn't have to be part of you. 

Caroline Knapp in her book, "Appetites - Why Women Want", described one such tsunami wave that may have battered her system on a bad day: "I hate my body, I hate my thighs, I ate too much. I can't believe I spent so much money. I haven't been to the gym in weeks. I shouldn't have said that. I am such an idiot. I am such a piece of shit!" That is the yin version of the cancerous ego drive. Yin is the energy that goes inwards, the submission, the sacrifices, the anger directed against oneself. You can hear it in Caroline Knapp's outburst; she wants to be attractive, slim, smart, economical, only to find that she somehow can't have what she wants. 

The yin aspect of the ego madness is quite relevant for us spiritual travelers. We want to be holy and we are willing to suffer, to be trampled on in the name of spirituality. Unfortunately, submission and sacrifice always implies subconsciously, and sometimes openly, hostility against others: how dare they have what we are unwilling to grant ourselves? The yang version of the ego drive we also know well. The desire to conquer, to take, to step on other people's toes. Neither energy form is part of the Way. Whenever we ride any of these energy waves, be they incoming or outgoing, we deviate from our Self.

So what exactly can we do? It is not that hard really, just become a seasoned surfer in the ocean called life. Friends always surround us. They are here to lift us up when we beat ourselves up and remind us of who we truly are. Friends and family are also there in the other side, when we are tempted to abuse others, blinded by our greed, aggression or fears. Life is beautiful this way. The solution that works for everyone, your Self included, is always just around the corner. Seize the moment and don't forget to just say "Om" at times, whenever one of these energy waves wants to take you on another wild-goose's chase.

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