Friday, March 13, 2015

Life Heals

I am part of a spiritual community in which we often discuss the world's problems and the ruthlessness, aggressiveness and selfishness in the so-called "real" world. Yet, enlightened as we supposedly are, can we really keep the rascal called ego in check? After all, when we sit there and feel happy with ourselves, looking down on all the greedy, competitive and unloving people, isn't that yet another ingenious way to feel special?

I don't mind dealing with the so-called "real" world. As a matter of fact, I feel at home there. True, for every desire, plan and action, I have both Angel and demon sitting on my shoulder like  every other ordinary mortal. But whatever our initial agenda is, it actually doesn't matter as long as we allow the Tao to heal us in the process. The Tao will always turn all events and circumstances in such a way that we end up going with Her vision; yet, the demon will not feel cheated either; everything unfolds in a manner that he also agrees with.

Life heals, and that is potentially true for everyone, spiritual or not. For the CEO who makes the spiritually right decision because a trusted employee tells him to; the womanizer who finally marries the woman who conquers him; the criminal who finally settles down because he wants his children to grow up in a better neighborhood. Stop judging your previous mistakes and quit criticizing others. Just keep your eyes and ears open for the next step along the Way, and Angels will walk next to you.

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