Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just Dig In and Get What You Want

Have a look at the people who truly want something, like Michael Jordan in his days or Tom Brady today; the desire to get what they want is almost oozing out of their bodies. What a remarkable source of energy they must have. While most ordinary folks are lambs, they are lions in comparison.

I remember when a family friend once called me a "Type A Personality". I could understand why she said it since all through my education and in my job I have been part of the elite. Yet, I was still surprised since I viewed myself so differently. I was much younger then. I did not understand my aspirations and my subconscious drives; many of which I thought were spiritual, when in fact, it was only repressed energy! I believe our spiritual community has this problem. We think that we are loving; we think we are at peace; and on some level we are, still this is nothing compared to the love and the peace we can experience once we have gotten all the stuck energy out of our system. 

Today I face the tiger within. I do what it takes to get what I want, and only that way do I at least have a shot of becoming docile and peaceful. When you give it all, when your will-power carries you through all obstacles you get what you want, but you are also left utterly exhausted and at peace. Spend all your energies on the here and now and you don't have to run around chasing your dreams; or worse, fantasizing about them. 

Identify your mission and get it done with and you will have a shot of being spiritual. Get yourself dirty as you dig in, and your soul will finally get clean. Embrace life, wrestle with it and transcend. Go and get whatever it is you have set your heart on tiger!

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