Thursday, April 9, 2015

Don't Lose Your Spiritual Aim by Aiming for Happiness

You never find happiness until you stop looking for it.
 Chuang Tzu

You deserve to be happy every living moment. Know that you are special and that you are protected by a Force beyond your imagination. Yet, all the spiritual books that remind you of this fact are unfortunately not always helpful. By zooming into the well-deserved happiness you sometimes cut yourself off potential friends and professional opportunities that would be quite meaningful for you. 

How often do I hear from spiritual co-travelers that they want to avoid negativity. Yes, sometimes stepping away from stuff that repels you is the right thing to do. Yet, do not forget in all that desire to be peaceful, happy and spiritually kosher, that you are a healer. The Tao sends potential friends your way to help you heal yourself by helping others. 

You may ask how do I know when to take a step closer towards someone and when to take a step away, but it is actually not so hard. For a seasoned spiritual traveller, energy that repels is simply too hard to bear. We would literally die if we continued on this path of destruction. Yet, hard work is known to us. Heavy lifting is part of the Way, and we get our signals that our labor is worth our while. 

My job is a good example in this direction. I often complain about the stress that comes with it; and if it was up to me I would be at home writing spiritual books instead. Yet, stressful as it is, at work I feel somehow alive. I realize that I am on a mission that not only benefits the people I work with, but makes me whole in the process. My simple advice to you, do not go by whether you feel happy or not; ask yourself instead whether the next step you take is part of the Way. Where She walks, happiness is nearby.

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