Saturday, April 11, 2015

Moving Towards the Light

Jesus faced three temptations in the desert, but when he finally declared with authority, "Move thee behind me satan!", they vanished into thin air. His struggles were more about power, while Buddha's temptations were more about sex; in each case, however, the experienced dark force were straight-forward ego manifestations. 

I have observed transcendence in me that were less a fight between good versus evil and more about gaining insight instead. These insights seemed more like a natural evolution in response to life's events. The mind knows the way to the light, but to truly make the jump, feelings have to follow along. You struggle with the tension but then one day someone opens a door and the light streams in. With the light, the darkness naturally dissolves.

Take Jesus' temptations as an example. He found no need in the desert to change stones into bread, yet, he changed water into wine when a wedding festival run out of it. He declined the invite of the dark voice to fly with the help of angels, yet he walked on water to show his disciples what faith is all about. He turned down the invite to conquer the world, yet, he transformed faith, societies and history for millennia. Every voice you hear inside always has an authentic justification. Just change your perspective a little, and the Spirit will rejoice as much as the demon inside as you take the next step towards the light.

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