Thursday, May 7, 2015


I was at a conference when I bumped into a work colleague who told me about the new macro expert their firm had hired. She was quite excited about him and said, "he is incredibly smart and very disciplined!" Hearing that I was thinking to myself, "Well, I am smart but am I disciplined?" Walking the Way, you somehow mind resistance because you know that there is something wrong with it. Life is supposed to be easy instead. I thought a little bit more about the situation and figured, "No, I am disciplined as well." Every request, no matter how annoying it might turn out to be, I work on. It is because I know that I myself would only be inflexible in my thinking. It is the little kick in the behind that allows me to explore and capture the creative world that is out there. It is fine to be a "happy-go-lucky" Tao traveler, but make sure that you surround yourself with people who influence you. Without the many friends and the few foes, the ego would only get in the Way.

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