Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Four Noble Truths

All ego driven experiences are ultimately not satisfying.
All craving and clinging to what is pleasurable ultimately brings unhappiness.
Putting an end to all craving and clinging also brings an end to unhappiness.
Following the Tao brings happiness.

I was googling Buddha's Four Noble Truth and found the insight that many other spiritual treasures (Bhagavad Gita, New Testament, Tao Te Ching) also maintain: be mindful when you are craving or clinging to something. 

You cannot avoid the pain of wanting but not getting, but you can stop adding to the wheel of karma by not adding anything to it. The way out of misery is by discovering the Way, the mind bogging phenomenon of letting the Universe flow through you. As you do, you get a glimpse of what true love and happiness is all about. Caught in the vastness of life's experience the ego becomes still while the soul rejoices. 

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