Monday, May 25, 2015

On Facing Anxiety

Our emotions have something to tell us if we allow them. Take anxiety for example, no one likes feeling anxious. We take anti-anxiety pills to repress this awful feeling. But could it be that anxiety has an important message for us?

Have you ever observed your anxiety? Just  let it come out, and try to understand what exactly happens with you when you feel anxious; experience your body when that dreadful feeling overcomes you. 

I used to be so scared of that feeling. I meditated and practiced my deep-breath exercises every time I felt anxious. In fact, it was only recently when I just realized that in a way I used these meditation sessions to repress the anxiety as well. However, just like you can't push a basket ball under water for long - it always comes back with a splash - similarly, you have to face the root cause of your anxiety attacks as well; otherwise they will be frequent visitors.

Last week, when the anxiety visited me again, although I felt incredibly uncomfortable, I decided to let it all come to the surface. I faced my anxiety and asked what it is all about.  To my surprise I suddenly understood that we feel anxious of the unknown; we feel anxious because we fear that we don’t know what to do; we expect the worst and forget about the upside that could come with it.  A spiritual path can help with that! While we face uncomfortable situations like everyone else, we also know that we receive answers in these situations, and weird as it seems, almost look forward to the tension of the next moment.

So if we allow the anxiety to be there and allow ourselves to be one with this chaotic situation for a while, just waiting there, suddenly wisdom shows us the Way. And then, what choice do we really have? If we repress that horrible feeling, it will only come back no matter how we might distract ourselves and how many pills we swallow. Repressing anxieties will only give strength to the monster within. One day it will all come to the surface with a splash.

Value your feelings, even if they don't seem comfortable. Every feeling has a message for you. Muster the strength and courage to face them and your Guides will rush to your side to find a resolution. Face your demons and wisdom and peace will be yours. That is the promise of the Way.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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